VIRAM presents

The modular Euclidean Pattern Sequencer.
Discover new rhythms and grooves. Create chord progressions and melodies.

Go For a Dive With the Octopoid.

Introducing The Octopoid Sequencer ...

Many well known and famous rhythms can be related to Euclidean Patterns: Geometric patterns which are generated by a specific algorithm. They offer great opportunities to generate a broad spectrum of new and interesting rhythms and allow you to easily create fresh rhythms and grooves for your next music productions. Within just a few steps, complex and inspiring patterns can be created. Go for a dive with The Octopoid Sequencer and experience the creative world of Euclidean patterns …

Assume a full bar is split into a certain amount of beats, for example four beats. Next define the amount of active beats, let’s say two. Finally the algorithm decides which two of the total amount of four beats should be active. Just by playing with these two parameters you can already create a huge amount of inspiring rhythms. But The Octopoid Sequencers offers more …


By choosing odd-numbered or differing beats for each of the eight modules, rotating the patterns, changing playback speeds (x2, x4, …) for individual modules or by customizing and randomizing velocities / timings as well as using more variations, complex and interesting rhythms can be easily created which will lead to surprising new inspirations.

Beyond rhythms and grooves: Create melodic progressions by triggering chord notes! Different modes allow you to add variations, to manipulate melodies and to interact with The Octopoid Sequencer in real time. Ideal for live performances!

In Split Mode, all modules can play simultaneously or sequentially arranged in groups or even one after each other. This leads to more and longer melodic variations. Pitch all modules on the fly or trigger them using your external MIDI keyboard / DAW in Floating Pitch Mode.

Finally manage and backup your presets using the internal SD card. You can store up to 160 presets grouped in 10 banks, each with 16 slots.

Want to learn more? Feel free to download The Octopoid Product Flyer …

Integrate The Octopoid Sequencer ...

Full MIDI support allows you to work with your favorite drum machine, synthesizer or DAW. You can either use an external clock source via MIDI or the internal clock provided to operate The Octopoid Sequencer and other hardware / software instruments.

Use MIDI CC to integrate The Octopoid Sequencer in live performances and to dynamically change presets.

Use the control voltage outputs CV and Gate to integrate The Octopoid Sequencer in your modular setup. All modules are designed according to the Eurorack standard which allows you to install The Octopoid Sequencer in your own Eurorack case.


Impressions ...

Want to see The Octopoid Sequencer in action?
The following video gives a short introduction on how to use The Octopoid Sequencer. Grab a coffee, sit back and relax.

Something for your ears?

The commercial track has been produced with the help of two Octopoid Sequencers!

Octopoid Sequencer 1: Used to generate beats and the main “popcorn” like synth. From time to time the timing has been doubled (x2) using the Octopoid Sequencer timing feature. The Octopoid Sequencer has been connected to a DAW using the MIDI interface.

Octopoid Sequencer 2: Used to generate the baseline by controlling an analog hardware synth. The Octopoid “Split Mode” has been used to create longer melodic variations. The clock of this Octopoid Sequencer has been used to send clock timing information to the other Octopoid Sequencer and the DAW.

Preregister 2022

Each Octopoid Sequencer is a unique device which is manufactured by hand. All parts are carefully chosen and put together as every unit is an individual piece of work and personally tested to guarantee best quality, reliability and performance.

The launch and the sale of the first devices is planned for 2022.

Be one of the first and save your top position on the waiting list using the provided preregistration form. You do NOT commit to purchase a unit! When time comes you will be asked again, giving you the opportunity to decide later.

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VIRAM is a small local business located in Bonn, Germany. Every beginning is difficult and the dream to scale for larger productions is expensive and needs to be carefully considered. Your preregistration helps us to estimate the expected demand and finally to plan the last steps. Therefore: The more preregistrations we get, the sooner you and your own Octopoid Sequencer will meet.

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